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Where Friends Send Friends

Hi, I'm Michelle

Sometimes I even miss the canvas.

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Cup Joe

Hi, I'm Joe's Cup of Joe

Joe wasn't allowed to take me out of the kitchen.

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Release the Hounds

For pet lovers or anyone who likes easy to clean floors!

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Stainmaster Revolutionized Carpet...

Now they are doing it for vinyl plank!

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Just Imagine

Imagine there's no worries, whatever floor you choose.

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Super Sale

Super Sale Best-Selling Tile

It costs no more to do it right.

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Stainmaster Pet Protect

We stock the best-selling colors of the best-selling pet protect carpet!

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In-Stock Sale On The #1 Selling Pet Carpet

Get even more luxury with resists pet stains, reduces pet odor and releases pet hair.

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Best-Selling 12x24 Tile

On sale for $1.99 per square foot. 12 month special interest financing. No interest if paid in 12 months.*

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Pet Proof. Guaranteed.

Save even more because there's no adhesive required and its rigid plank technology allows it to be installed over many existing floors. Sale $4.99!

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Norm from Melbourne

"Jo, we procrastinated replacing our carpet because the last time was such a stressful experience. We are glad we decided to come to Flooring America (cuz you know how to measure) and so happy you were the one to help us.This was the easiest project we’ve had in a long, long time."

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Visit Flooring America

Where it costs no more to do it right! We offer the best prices, best services, best selection and best installation. And...oh yeah...Best of Brevard for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017! Get all the extras at no extra charge.* 

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